Recipe - Buffalo with tomato sauce, thyme and tagliatelle

Servings 4

1 kg buffalo meat(prefer part of the leg)
500 gr tagliatelle
250 gr red wine
100 gr butter
750 gr chopped tomato
5 carrots 150 gr
onions (as much as you like to give flavor)
4 garlic cloves
40 gr parsley
25 gr thyme , salt, Madagascar pepper

Cut the meat in even slices.We marinate the meat with the thyme in the red wine and we leave it for an hour. We chop the onions, the carrots, the garlic and the tomatoes in cubes. Then we fry them in the butter for about 10 min. We add the meat with the wine and afterwards we add the salt and the pepper in a dose that is suitable for us. Also we add 50gr oil and about 1.5l of water.
We leave it to be cooked on low fire until the meat is done and the sauce thickens. We at last cook the tagliatelle and serve along with the meat.