Pethelinos in Serres

The population of Pethelinos comes up to 596 residents.
Pethelinos is a village, which grew in different places. The archaeological findings which were found in the area indicate that the village was established during the Classical Times and continued to exist during the Hellenistic times, the Roman Times and the Byzantine Time. The place as known today has been founded at the beginning of the Turkish domination.
In 18th and 19th century Pethelinos (or Pisilinos) which governmentally belonged to the district of Zichnis, was at first part of Kavalas’ district and after that to the metropolitan of Xanthi. In the years 1875-76 after the inventory of the metropolitan bishop Kallinikos B’ Eutichidis it appears to have 172 residents.
During the Macedonian Struggle Pethelinos participated in many ways. From Pethelinos was the Makedonomachos (fighters who took place in the Macedonian Struggle) Theodoros Karatheodorou.
Pethelinos in 1920 belonged governmental to Gazoros and had 146 residents. In 1875 it had a school where 5 students were going and in 1905 14 students and a teacher. In 1916 the school burnt down and was rebuilt in 1919. In 1928 due to the fact that the worksite MONKS-GIOULEN was established at the place for the drying of the lake in Axinos the number of students increased at 180-200.
In the Northeast of the village in 1933 came and settled 19 families from Mikra Asia. In 1933 the residents of the village were Macedonians, previous residents of Mikra Asia, Thracians, Pontius and Sarakatsanus. In 1955 the Cultural Association of the community was founded, which created dance groups and developed cultural events that gave life to the village. In Pethelinos is active the football team “Strimonas” of Pethelinos. (source:
In 2008 the Watersports-Environmental Club was founded in order among others to help to:
-develop the act towards water sports (individual and group rowing, Canoe, Kayaks)
-protect the natural environment and the cultural heritage of the place
-to protect the hydrological and the forestry systems of the local area, such as, the lake of Pethelinos, the places ‘Peuka’, ‘Profitis Ilias’ and the river Strimonas from the pollution or human activities that could harm the places.
-also try to reveal and utilize all the benefits of the place.