«Legends around Wine»

Routes along wine tastes and meeting with the local wine producers.
The Association of Serres for the UNESCO and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry invite you to the 1st gathering for wine, with subject “Legends around Wine” which will take place on the 6th December 2010 and time 20:30 at the hotel Elpida(Hope) in room *Elia* (Olive) for experiencing and tasting the different varieties of the wines, produced by the wine producer Apostolos Goulas from Pethelinos in Serres. The main purpose of the organizers is the presentation and the promotion of the Greek and international wine production to the consumer and trade public.
Why calling it “Legends around Wine”?
Many written manuscripts, literary (the legends about the god Dionysus, the god Strimonas, Orpheus and the Bassaridus, about Hercules with Syleus, Lycurgus in the land of Pleasures etc.), epigraphic ones (the inscription of Gazorus, two onies =purchase contracts and the tombstone of Amphipolis) and many archaeological findings ( Dimitra’s settlement, Krioneri of Kerdilius, Siris and Vergis) confirm the continuous in viniculture and wine production at the estuary of the river and the hinterland od Strimonas since the prehistoric era. 

The same tradition on vineyard and wine production continued until the Byzantium period (written manuscripts from the 14th century confirm that for the places St George of Krioneriti in Serres, Kamenikaia, Visiani, Christos, Dafnoudi, Zichni, etc.) and also during the ottoman period up to nowadays.

These meetings of becoming familiar with the different flavors of wine and meet the local wine producers are aiming in initiating the friends of wine to the cultural heritage of the wine produced in Serres and the quality of the local and not varieties which are cultivated by following modern unique techniques and respect the environment of the place.
Those meetings are moreover aiming in presenting and the promoting the fine and evaluated wine production that is carried out in Serres to the consumer and trade public.
The Association of Serres for the UNESCO outputs this kind of activity as one ‘sustainable route’ from the foot of Paggaius all along to the valley of Strimonas, in order to signify the recognition of the Municipality of Serres from the times of mythology until today as a place of an important and evaluated hinterland in wine producing.  
Supporters of the activity, George Apsilidis (historian), Leadership & Coaching Nantia Zgera, Project manager Mary Emmanouilidou.

Source: http://mythswine.blogspot.com/2011/01/blog-post.html