Wine and local history

The lake "Kerkinitis is located in the southeastern part of the current valley in the prefecture of Serres. Formed by the waters of the Strymon river and strengthened by water and other tributaries. From the southern tip of Lake River Strymon continue the path and through the Strait of Amphipolis poured Strimonikos bay.

The lake indicate the name of the second century AD by Arrian in his "Alexandrou Anabasis”.

The existence of the lake also mentioned by Thucydides in two passages describing the operations of the Athenians and Spartans in the region during the Peloponnesian War, but without refer a name for the lake. In this lake General Vrasidas he built the galleys and Alexander the Great used it to keep the fleet before departing for the great campaign in the East.

According to the scholar Svoronos lake named Kerkinitis of the aquatic bird Kirk.

Around the lake inhabited: Angitis south and by Strimonikos Bay the Idonoi, on the western shore of the lake Visaltia and north of the lake the Siriopaiones Odomantes. The lakewas fished regularly and provided important food and income for coastal populations.

In 1929 he began producing large projects in Serres from companies Monx and Gioulen. The drying of Lake reached in 1932 and give to the residents of the area. In the northwestern edge of the plain of the Strymon to control the waters of the river formed a new lake was named Kerkini.

From old lake, the village PeThelino left a boat, drainage channel, dimensions: 3 km in length and 150 meters wide and 10 meters depth with through the time became a rich wetland that bears the name Lake Pethelinou. In the same area is visible even today the old Kerkinitidas shores of the lake.

Here, on the poor riparian hill are now the vineyards of Apostolos Goulas growing known Greek and French grape varieties from which is produced the wine KERKINITIS.