Kerkinitis wine - Κρασί Κερκινίτις



Derived from the Merlot variety of proprietary, small-grape production, organic vineyard.

After a stay in selected French oak Ernitage, characterized by red-ripe fruit in harmony with aromas of spices, vanilla and chocolate. Ripe in the mouth with balanced acidity. It is unfiltered and is available for additional aging.

Serve at 18 ° C.


Derived from proprietary wine grapes in the vineyard transition organic farming. Maturation in French oak selected Ermitage.

Features: Intensely fruity with light notes of vanilla and butter. Pleasant acidity and so intense fruity aftertaste that lasts.

Enjoy it at 12 ° C


Derived from a proprietary wine grapes in transition, organic vineyard.

Characteristics: pale golden color with intense aromas of citrus, lime and white peach, whose complexity is complemented by a pleasant acidity.

Enjoy it at 12 ° C.